on my to buy list

on my to buy list

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everything that i'm banananananas about!

♥I CHERISH... the love of my life, my doggies, family & friends, memories of my mom

♥A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS... balenciaga, travel, cupcakes, day of the dead, fro-yo, netflix, arts & crafts, teaching art, alexander mcqueen, kitsch, cheese, unique jewelry, perfume, CHANEL, grand tetons, nail polish, scottish terriers, scrabble, skulls, embroiderd kitchen towels, national parks, trashy television, purseforum, fancy cocktails, dog parks, barneys ny, soft hair, celebrity gossip, louis vuitton, the smell of a new leather handbag, sushi, healthy cuticules, sweet potatoes, shopping alone, wine, happiness & living everyday as if it were my last!

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